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Allen Curry Plumbing has an amazing track record when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Our 20 years+ of experience has allowed us to build wonderful relationships within Ocala, Marion County and The Villages. We have exceptional work ethic and craftsmanship. Contact us today at (352) 427-7036 and ask how we can start your next project off right!

If you are thinking about having your bathroom remodeled call Allen Curry Plumbing! You will find there are many benefits obtained from remodeling when the work is completed correctly. You can improve the value of your home and have a bathroom that becomes a personal oasis.

One of the biggest advantages to having your bathroom professionally remodeled is the result. Our quality professionals at Allen Curry Plumbing will produce the best work. If you want to have the best-looking bathroom possible give us a call. In addition to better results, a professionally remodeled bathroom will do more in increasing the value of your home.


Walk-in Tubs: Traditional bathtubs often present a risky situation for aging seniors or people with mobility issues. Entering and exiting a bathtub are times when many mishaps can occur. Walk-in bathtubs can be an easy solution to this problem. These special tubs have doors that open and close. If you're worried about bathroom safety, consider installing a walk-in tub during your next bathroom remodeling project. Walk-in Tubs are designed to prevent slipping. Handrails, seats and textured pads help users keep their heads above water.

Walk-in tubs also remove the need for a sliding shower door, which poses a serious danger for seniors. Walk-in tubs come equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front or side of the bathtub. The door gives users the ability to enter the tub without having to lift their legs over the threshold, as with traditional bathtubs.


Tub Enclosures and Glass Shower Doors: Shower doors and tub enclosures play an important role in your bathroom. Not only do these structures keep water contained within the bath and shower where it belongs, but also they impact the overall style and decor of your space. Whether you're designing a new bathroom, remodeling your existing bathroom or just need a replacement shower door parts, Allen Curry Plumbing offers the most extensive selection of shower enclosures, bath tub enclosures, sliding shower doors, and frame-less glass shower doors in Marion County and The Villages.

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